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NEWS: Rise of the Moose Kid and How You Can Help Make Children’s Comics Even More Brilliant by Travelling Man
March 1, 2013, 11:13 am
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Jamie Smart is one of my favorite writers and artists. He’s been one of my favorite writers and artists since I first encountered the wonder that is Bear, and was taught the Bear song:
He’s Bear! He’s Bear!
He’s made of human hair!
You poke his nose and his head grows, He’s Bear He’s Bear He’s Bear!
Since the glorious days of a possibly immortal teddy bear doing battle with a sociopathic cat, his work has appeared in The Dandy, the DFC, the Phoenix and many more. He’s also turned out several fantastic creator owned series, curated several anthologies and done some work for the Doctor Who titles. Jamie’s very good, Jamie’s very busy and he’s about to get busier still. Jamie’s announced a new project.

Moose Kid Comics is designed to build on the slow, but definite, renaissance in kids’ comics in the UK. The Phoenix continues to do brilliant work and it’s fan base is growing, so there’s never been a better time to try and open the door a little more. After all, kids’ comics have been part of this country’s cultural landscape for decades so it’s about time there was another one on the market.
Jamie’s plan is simple; get a group of artists together to make brilliant comics. It’s really that simple. Moose Kid won’t look at licensed comics as competition but rather as inspiration to build on their successes and create new kid’s comics that will, hopefully, inspire more people to produce kid’s comics and, in doing so make this wonderful, and overlooked, genre of comics even stronger. Oh and of course any character created will be owned BY that creator.
That’s stage one. Stage two is even simpler: an online issue zero will be made available for reading and download. The idea is to show what can be done by a group of brilliant, invested artists working with the space needed to develop their characters. Whilst there are plans past this, for now, Jamie’s focus is understandably on getting to stage two and the issue zero.
Of course there’s no pay at this stage but neither is there a price. As Jamie puts it
‘We’re not doing this for profit, we’re doing this to show what CAN be done.’
Make no mistake this is a call to action and, make no mistake, Jamie Smart is exactly the creator to lead it. He cites the sort of material he’s looking for as

‘the wild hysteria of Ren And Stimpy, mashed with the brilliantly charming Adventure Time.’

And that’s exactly where his own work sits very comfortably. This is a great project led by a great comic creator and it deserves your attention, especially if you feel you could contribute.
And if you are interested then email your website or check out to see the plan in detail. Give it a shot. Be part of the revolution. Make some history. Draw some poo jokes. It’ll be ACE:)

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