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Review: FBP Issue 2 by Travelling Man

Written by Simon Oliver

Art by Robbi Rodriguez

Colours by Rico Renzi

Letters by Steve Wands

Cover by Nathan Fox

Published by DC/Vertigo


So, last month I reviewed this book and I loved it. Rodriguez’ art was good, Renzi’s colours were great, Wands’ lettering worked perfectly and Oliver’s script was subtle and inventive. I recommended you guy buy the book and I stand by that.

So why are we here again?

Well, two reasons. Firstly the slightly…unfortunate one. Last month this book was called Collider. Collider, it turns out, is a title someone else is of the opinion they got to first. And people tend to get a bit litigate-y about stuff like this if something isn’t done. The end result is a second issue name change and, unfortunately, a second issue name change to something a little clunky. We’ll get used to FBP I have no doubt but right now it doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue.

So, first reason to review the book; it’s not actually new, it is actually the second issue of Collider. It’s just not called Collider anymore.

Second reason? It’s really good. Still. This issue opens with a Hoff’s Gravitational Inversion or HGI settling over the top few floors of the Crest Corp headquarters. The inversion is a bubble of space time pulled inside out by gravity, a short-lived micro universe that will kill anyone trapped inside when it collapses. Jay and Adam, of course, volunteer to be one of the rescue teams sent in.

What follows is a chance for Oliver to show off not only the book’s dizzying array of physics but some really fun toys. The method by which the rescue teams are inserted is as practical, and bats arse crazy, as the ‘Dangle Adam on a rope into the gravitational anomaly’ manoeuvre last time. Even better, the HGI itself gives Renzi and Rodriguez a chance to really cut loose. The book’s combination of fluidity and brawn really comes through in the art in these pages and Renzi’s different approach to the colours in the HGI is astonishing. The closest way to describe it would be to drop two anime characters into a Pixar movie and not change the art style on either. Wands’ lettering also impresses once again, cleverly acting as the bridge between the two universes and showing time slowing down as Adam is fired across.

Not only do we get the toys and the wonderful sight of the phrase ‘Physics Incident’ turning up on a news report but the plot rattles along nicely too. Cicero figures something out this issue that shines a light on just what’s going on with Jay. It’s nicely played, both as a piece of deductive reasoning by the younger FBP agent and a possible cry for help from Jay. The idea that he wrote down an address so seemingly vital is implausible if he’s part of a hostile conspiracy and plausible if he wants out or is more concerned with getting Cicero and Adam where he needs them to be. It’s clearly a massive plot development but it’s unclear in just what direction it will lead. Regardless it’s very well played all around.

The whole issue is topped by a very nice, cheeky cover announcing the new title, with Nathan Fox’s work absolutely in lockstep with the internal art team. It’s eye catching, smart and slightly self-deprecating, a very clever way of working around the title issue.


FBP is still one of the best books on the shelf. This is fast paced, clever, idea heavy science fiction. It, and sister book Trillium are instantly two of the best titles to come out this year and this issue proves it. The FBP are back, again and they’re still the best they are at what they do. Pick the book up and find out why.

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