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Review:Cogs and Caves:Remnants by Travelling Man
October 22, 2014, 9:00 am
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Written and illustrated by George Joy

Published by MindStain

Available at Thought Bubble


Cogs and Caves won’t take you long to read, and has actually been designed to be given away with jewellery. It’s a micro comic made up of photos and manipulated art. You’ll read it in around a minute. It’ll stay with you long past that.

It’s the story of the other race on Earth, born of silicates rather than carbon. Slow, precise and ageless they built a culture before we did and sheltered us. In doing so, they changed us forever and, inadvertently, led to the splitting of their own species.

It’s a beautiful book combining photo montages with cave art and some iconography that’ll be very familiar to anyone who’s read a little about prehistory. The art and the words drive and comment on each other in a way that’s as elegant as it is poignant and Joy has carefully designed each page to not only tell the story but show you the world behind it. It’s the writing that will stay with you, a simple, short story that takes you through remarkable emotional territory and ends with a note that’s quietly, almost desperately hopeful.


Not big, not especially lengthy but as dense and stratified as the race it talks about, Remnants is a haunting example of indie comics at their best. Highly recommended.



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