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Review: CC3 by Travelling Man
November 16, 2014, 10:00 am
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Written by Rob Burton

Illustrated by A Klassen

Letterhead, lettering, gubbins and patience by George Joy

Published by Mind Stain

Come see them at Thought Bubble!


Mind Stain continually produce some of the most interesting books on the market and this is no exception. CC3 is the story of Clara, genius, survivor and the angriest woman in the world. Dragging herself clear of the personal version of a near apocalypse, she puts herself through University, gets a Doctorate and is responsible for a system that will protect everyone. Or at the very least, the people her employers want it to…

Burton’s flair for the dystopian is given full reign here and it works utterly. The book’s format is unique, cutting between a single page of comic and an in universe text document providing more information. We learn about Clara’s past, the personality box she’s been put in and her breakthrough, then see it all play out. It’s a gutsy move and it demands more attention than most comics. It rewards that attention to, Burton’s script, and Joy’s typesetting, delivering a tight, personal story. Klassen’s art, produced at a dead sprint as explained in the foreword, is absolutely what the book needs and the character work, and subtlety of it, is especially great given the compessed time frame.


This is a dense, grim read but an immensely rewarding one. Clara has no room to move, neither does the book and both, in the end, excel. Do yourself a favour and find out how.


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